Monday, 4 October 2010



I went to Marrocco to ride a camel.
It was intense. We travelled from the desert Zagora, to the coast Essaouira and stayed in the centre of Marrakech. I fell in love with turbans, camels and mossaic's.

So much mint much dense bread.

Proper sexy raw leather from camels and old rugs made the best things.



The guys in the city were stylish with bags and tank tops.

In the desert i fell in love with turbans.


A nike engagment ring.


Shoes, rugs and spices.

This guy thought it was hilarious i was wearing open toe lace ankle boots and he liked posing with his fish.

Marrakech was such a culture shock.
At night the square was crazy with movement and noise.


The intesity of the city was crazy in comparison to the more commercial coast and silent desert.
I loved Marrakech. It was beautiful.